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I write about the benefits of chiropractic as well as cutting-edge research and helpful topics related to chiropractic care. I believe that every chiropractic doctor should be a life-long student and many of the topics I write about here are inspired by my personal reading and studying.


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By Zach Chudy Waukesha Chiropractor, Jan 20 2015 11:21PM

Back pain is one of the most common health problems in America. Chiropractors are often thought of as back doctors, and in a recent study this was reinforced. According to this study, published i the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, back pain can be caused by a herniated disc, and when that is the case, chiropractic care can offer relief for this type of condition.

The study took 148 people between ages 18-65 with pain in their low backs and legs due to disc herniation (as determined by MRI). Some were chronic cases, others more recently developed. The patients received regular adjustments and data was collected initially and then at two weeks, one month, three months, six months and one year.

Data was collected using the Oswestry questionnaire to determine pain intensity and the degree of disability experienced by patients. After tow weeks, about 70% of the participants reported feeling better or even much better, and at one month 80% reported feeling better.

At one year, 88% of patients still reported improvement in their back pain. This study shows that chiropractic care can have a positive effect on herniated discs as well as pain radiating down the legs. As usual, more research needs to be conducted and on larger sample sizes, but this study is very promising.


Leeman S, Peterson CK, Schmid C, et al. Outcomes of acute and chroic patietns with magnetic resonance imaging-confirmed symptomatic lumbar disc herniations receiving high-velocity low-amplitude, spinal manipulative therapy: a prospective observatonal cohor study with one-year follow-up. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics 2014;37(3);155-163.


By Zach Chudy Waukesha Chiropractor, Sep 25 2014 03:34PM

A recent study worked with 50 patients with MRI results showing cervical disk herniations associated with arm pain. Patients were treated with chiropractic care three to five times per week for the first two to four weeks and then one to three times per week thereafter until no more symptoms were reported.

Patients were evaluated at two weeks, one month, and three months. At two weeks 55.3% of all the patients reported significant improvement and none reported being worse.

At one month 68.9% were significantly improved, and by three months 85.7% were significantly improved with no patients being worse.

Authors concluded “There were no adverse events in this cohort of patients.”

Chiropractic care can help you with neck and or arm pain. This study shows that it will take time - however, the majority felt significantly better at just two weeks.

The largest degree of improvement came at three months with 85% of patients reporting significant improvement. So please be patient and put in the time - results do come as this study shows!

Too often we want things fixed immediately and quit after just a few weeks. This study reiterates the need to and benefits of sticking to the treatment plan, even with herniated discs.

Journal of Manipulative and Therapeutics

October 2013; Vol. 36; pp. 461-467

Cynthia K. Peterson, RN, DC, M.Med.Ed; Christof Schmid, DC; Serafin Leemann, DC; Bernard Anklin, DC; B. Kim Humphreys, DC, PhD

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