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I write about the benefits of chiropractic as well as cutting-edge research and helpful topics related to chiropractic care. I believe that every chiropractic doctor should be a life-long student and many of the topics I write about here are inspired by my personal reading and studying.


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By Zach Chudy Waukesha Chiropractor, Feb 2 2015 08:57PM

The human Foot is designed to absorb a lot of impact, After all, the foot bears all the weight and is responsible for balance. The human foot contains a quarter of the bones in the body - 26 to be exact, more than 100 muscles, ligaments, adn three arches. The medial or arch on the inside of the fott gets the most attention and some support from shoes. The other two however have already collapsed by the time you start to notice the inner arch is falling, this is referred to as over pronation.

The feet are very important as they can affect the entire body, first the foot pronates (loses the arch), then the knee internally rotates, followed by the hips and pelvis rotating, which can cause back pain. Knee, back and hip pain can all be caused by your feet by simply altering your body's mechanics from the ground up.

What causes the arch to flatten out? This can be due to many factors such as:

Genetics: Age, weight, height and, gender. some people are born with flat arches, others develop them over time.

Shoes: No shoe on the market that I have seen supports a three arches. There are some decent shoes that have some support for the inside arch. Getting a good insert or, better yet, orthotic is the best way to support these arches.

Sports/Activities: Weight-bearing sports or activities can greatly accelerate this process. Anyone working in construction, checkout, hairstylist, retail sales, or on their feet all day are at risk for overpronation. Past and present injuries also speed up the process of overpronation and its effects on the body.

Some things you can do to help stop this process:

Getting adjusted: Knees, feet and ankles, as well as the low back

Orthotics: or really good inserts that support all arches. Orthotics are expensive, but do last longer and offer more support. We sell custom-made orthotics, adjustment, measurement, and in office fitting for only $100.

Exercises: Using an exercise band or resistance while performing dorsiflexion: lifting your foot up towards your knee; Plantar flexion: poiting your foot downward, away from the knee; and inversion and eversion exercises. Also inversion and Eversion exercises. Start simple; just a few at a time and work your way up.

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