Chudy Chiropractic Clinic

Waukesha, WI

Testimonials From Our Patients:  

"I am 28 years old and I had severe wrist pain, so much so that I could not do one single push up.


I went to see Dr. Zach Chudy and after one adjustment, I had complete relief and could resume my normal workout routine.  


Could not be happier with the results."


-Adam, lawyer in Hales Corners

"When I came to Dr. Zach Chudy, I was in intense pain in my neck.  I could not move my neck or sleep on my side at night.  


After 4 months of treatment I am pain free!  Chudy Chiropractic Clinic has doctors who are genuinely concerned and committed to improving their patient's health!"


-Janine from Eagle, mother and homeschooler of her ten children

"Both Doctors are very smart and know their stuff when it comes to your body.  After going to Chudy Chiropractic I could see a dramatic difference in the way I felt.  


I would highly recommend them to annyone that experiences any pain in their back or anywhere.  They were also very friendly and love to serve.  They do great work!"


-Alex from Brookfield, Marketing

"I am 53 years old, an avid golfer and have enjoyed the game since I was six years old.  Over the last few years I have noticed some lower back strain during and after a game, I began to have discomfort in my right knee as a secondary issue from the back trouble.


After visiting a massage therapist and work on my Psoas Major muscle I got relief.  However I noticed my posture and knee were not corrected.  After a session with Zach Chudy, Chiropractor my range of motion has returned to normal!


I do have a regiment of stretching exercises to help strengthen my muscles that really helps as well."


-Gary from Bettendorf, Iowa, avid golfer




"When I was about 20 weeks pregnant I started getting a lot of lower back pain. I went to Chudy Chiropractic to get help, and the adjustments really relieved the pain.


In addition, they told me that receiving regular adjustments throughout my pregnancy could help shorten my labor.


From then on I went almost weekly until I was full term. My labor only lasted 9 hours from start to finish even with being induced!


The doctor was amazed with how quickly I progressed and how well the delivery went. I give a lot of the credit to the fantastic care I received at Chudy Chiropractic."


-Holly from Waukesha, hair stylist