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What Are the Benefits of Getting Adjusted When You Are Pain-Free?


       Study of Chiropractic Care on Pain-Free Patients:


-During pregnancy, reduced labor times by 24% for first time pregnancy, and 39% for more than one pregnancy


-Increases range of motion to the area being adjusted while decreasing muscle tension


-Increase in cognitive funtion (such as: mental control/attention, memory, reasoning/calculating, spatial processing accuracy, general cognitive function and proficiency)


-Increase in respiratory burst (immune system: neutrophils, monocytes, TNF alpha, immunoglobulins, iga, igg, igm and b lymphocytes short term)


-Increase in visual acuity and distal (hands and feet) skin temperatures with neck adjustments


-Acitvated neuro pathways (in the cortical hemisphere)


-Decreased salivary corisol levels (associated with disturbed concentration, tremors, increased heart rate, and stress)


Chiropractic Isn't Just About Pain


Your body has a natural ability to heal itself.


Chiropractors work to make sure your brain is communicating effectively with the rest of your body.  Nerves travel through the spine to just about every area of your body. When these pathways are functioning properly information travels from above to down and from inside to outside.  


Chiropractic also helps patients who are in pain.

Our Waukesha Chiropractors can help with the following:



Back pain

Pinched nerves

Headaches (especially starting at the base of the  skull)

Disc herniations


Torticollis (inability to turn your neck)

Ear infections

Hip pain

Neck pain


Foot pain (toes, arches, and ankles)

Knee pain

Shoulder or elbow pain

Wrist pain (including carpal tunnel)


Rib pain

Jaw pain


All of these areas can be effected by the nervous system and chiropractic may be able to help -  if not we will refer you to someone who can.






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