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Our experience includes auto accidents, personal and worker's compensation injuries, depositions, reports, spinal permanent impairment exams, independent chiropractic exams for many insurance companies, as well as trial experience and expert testimony.





Dr. Louis holds a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner Degree with on site x-ray, physical therapy, and rehabilitation capabilities. we have treated professional baseball players, bowlers, and golfers, national soccer players, and national and world-class gymnasts. We are avid players of many sports including basketball, softball, bowling, and volleyball, so we love helping those dealing with injuries related to their passion for sports.


We do our best to offer you a unique experience. We have a relaxed and casual environment. You will not be treated like a number at our clinic, so we won’t be rushing you in and out to get to the next person. We do our best to eliminate any waiting, since your time is as valuable as ours. We genuinely care about you and enjoy taking time to talk with you and answer any questions you have.


Most of our patients become friends of the office. Our goal is to get you well in the shortest period of time and provide you with the rehabilitation you need to keep you out of pain and enjoying a pain-free lifestyle. We also do not want to waste your time or money. After 25 years in practice with our techniques, we've learned that if we don’t get results in four to six treatments chiropractic is not going to help you with that particular injury. We tell you if we can’t help you and we gladly refer you to the people we believe can help you.


We accept all major insurances, and do all the paperwork.


We do not routinely take x-rays but we have x-ray capabilities on site so we can take and develop any pictures we need right away.


                               - Not Just for Back Pain


 We adjust extremities (wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees, and ankles). This is especially helpful for sports-related injuries.


We also use kinesio tape to aid in the healing process of injuries and to prevent injury in a weak area.


Holly specializes in deep tissue massage and hot stones. She is a MATC graduate and has been working for over nine years now. She works to break up scar tissue allowing the body to move more freely.

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